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Be concise and write your challenge by focusing on the solution, not the problem. To increase the success of your challenge, follow the example at the bottom of the form.

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Grab their attention with a short title that emphasizes the challenge you are launching.

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These people or organizations have the power to take up your challenge.


Suggest a date by which the challenge must be met.


Start with: "I challenge ... write the name of the company or government... describe your challenge ... end with: before the ... maximum date of completion. "


Briefly explain the reasons that led you to launch this challenge


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Title of the challenge: Sell only organic and fair trade bananas

Company or government name: Fruitinc

Maximum completion date: June 14, 2020

Formulate your challenge: I challenge Fruitinc to sell only organic and fair trade bananas before June 14, 2020.

And no: I challenge Fruitinc to stop selling chemical and unfair bananas before June 14, 2020.

Why did you launch this challenge: I have been an avid fan of Fruitinc for several years. I could see all the beautiful green initiatives they have adopted. Bananas are the cheapest fruit. Anyone who can afford to buy fruit, can afford to buy fair trade organic bananas. With the pandemic, we have realized how interconnected we are all! It would be an exceptional way of demonstrating our solidarity with the countries of the South to improve their quality of life and the protection of their environment.